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The NHL becomes the FIRST major league sport (ever) to cancel the entire season. And it was all over money. Below are the players that allowed this to happen. This is truly a sad day in Canadian hockey history.
Leafer wrote:

The NHL Lockout

Wow, the first pro-sport to cancel an entire season, not the type of first you want to attach your name to is it? You never find anything to be proud of for these types of firsts. As a fan, its down right discouraging. I still don't see it as any worse then baseball though. Sure back in 94 they played most of the season, but they cancelled their playoffs which is the most important part of any game. If you don't have that then the season is pointless. Either way, if baseball teaches us anything, its that hockey is likely going to suffer because of this lockout.

Life has sadly went on without hockey. At first I thought it wouldn't, I thought it would magically just halt and an agreement would work out. It didn't happen though. I was left with a winter without my passion. Saturday nights were not the same this year, no Hockey Night in Canada, no Leaf games, no Don Cherry and no gambling. The one thing good that came out of this lockout was I finally understand what the big deal about football is. Its a great sport, great for satisfying my gambling needs and almost a sufficient replacement for hockey. Almost. It still lacks certain qualities that only hockey can bring. First, it is only 2 days a week for the most part, neither of which is Saturday night hockey, it also ends too early. There’s nothing for me when football ends until baseball starts up. 2nd its simply not hockey, not the sport I have grown a passion for that spans my entire life.

Who is to blame for millions of fans disappointment? Many point their fingers at Bettman, and many point their fingers at the players. I don't put fault more on either side. Not for the lockout and all the rejected proposals anyways. I do sort of side with the players though. It is the owners fault they make the money that they do, after all they could have said no to the demands they made. That is where I realized, it comes down to the team I love where the problem  comes in. The richer teams can afford to pay players the big bucks and did, not caring who was worth the money they forked out. Plain and simple that these owners over paid for the players and are the ones to blame right? Wrong. They aren't the reason we have a lockout. If all the teams were rich then we would have no problem. As much as I enjoy the league with the 30 teams, the ones who can't afford to be there shouldn't be there. All this salary cap and revenue sharing crap is just that, crap. If Wal-Mart can't afford to keep things as cheap as Sears, do they stop working and negotiate a price cap on how much they sell items for? No! They are competing against each other just like NHL franchises are competing against one another. If you can't compete you go bankrupt and fold.

What saved Baseball? Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa, and their record chasing homerun races. There does seem to be an answer to hockey’s savoir if and when it returns. As if their wasn't enough pressure on Sidney Crosby being proclaimed the next Gretzky, now the fate of the game may rest on his shoulders once the game returns. We need him to put up numbers similar to Gretzky and Lemieux more then ever before. Not just because people think he can, but because we are going to need to put an interest back in the sport. That’s a lot to put on a young kids shoulders, but sadly it may just have come to that. Resting the fate of the game on an 18 year olds shoulders.

Fan Comments
leafnut07 wrote:

My feelings on the cancellation of the 04/05 season is just like any other NHL hockey fans. Frustrating and let down. I said this before and now ill say it again this lock-out is like a kick in the face for us loyal fans. The funny thing is if it wasn’t for the fans there wouldn’t be any salary issues because there wouldn’t be any salaries. We are the ones who fill the pockets of both the owners and players and now we have to sit back and watch a full season go down the drain and that just doesn’t sit right with me. How would the NHL and NHLPA feel if all the NHL fans across Canada and the States voted on boycotting a full season until ticket prices were lowered or specific rules were either added or removed from the game. Now I know it could never happen but its something for Bettman and Goodenow to think about don’t you think? Its very sad what’s happening in the NHL right now and it just goes to show that anything goes to get what you want no matter who has to pay the price.
NHL talks on hold after tough weekend

Jarome Iginla sighed at the other end of the phone. Devastation doesn't come close to describing how the Calgary Flames superstar felt after hearing how bad Saturday's NHL labour talks had gone. "It's beyond that," he said. "It's such a sad situation for hockey. It's way past anger and frustration. It's like a nightmare that won't end." After Saturday's failed talks ensured there won't be a 2004-05 season, it's time for both sides to sit back and regroup.                                                                                                                                                  More...
The events as they unfolded in brief HERE To the cancellation of the Hockey.
Friday February 19, 2005:

The NHL season is expected to be "un-canceled" Saturday in New York.

A player close to the talks who asked to remain anonymous told The Hockey News the two sides have agreed to a deal in principle that features a $45-million salary cap. Asked if there was any way a deal won't get done, the player said,
"not that I can see. I couldn't possibly imagine the idea that somebody is going to try to make a name for themselves in the last minute here."

Following two days of media speculation that backroom talks between players and owners were taking place in an attempt to "un-cancel" the 2004-05 season, the NHL Players' Association issued a press release Friday night confirming it would be meeting with the league in New York on Saturday. If the two sides are as close as expected, an agreement in principle could be made public tomorrow.

Read More About This Breaking News....

A last-minute effort to put together a framework for a new collective bargaining agreement proved to be too little, too late on Wednesday as NHL commissioner Gary Bettman officially cancelled the remainder of the 2004-2005 regular season.                                                                                                 FULL STORY...
Bill Daly
Bob Goodenow
Gary Bettman
Harley Hotchkiss
Ted Saskin
Trevor Linden
Gary Bettman
Commissioner, NHL
First commissioner in the history of the NHL, began his tenure on Feb. 1, 1993.
Bob Goodenow
Executive Director, NHLPA
Former Detroit corporate and labour lawyer joined NHLPA in 1992.
Trevor Linden
President, NHLPA
Canucks' veteran forward handles issues and demands on behalf of players.
Bill Daly
VP, Chief Legal Officer, NHL
Bettman's right hand man helps negotiate major issues and handles the media.
Ted Saskin
Senior Director, NHLPA
Goodenow's top advisor helps handle communication between both sides.
Harley Hotchkiss
Chairman, NHL Board of Governors
Flames' governor is the voice for the owners in labour negotiations.
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