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Sweater # Name League NHLOA Member Since
75 Amell, Derek NHL 9/1/1997
59 Barton, Steve NHL 9/1/2000
96 Brisebois, David NHL 9/1/1999
74 Cameron, Lonnie NHL 9/1/1996
67 Champoux, Pierre NHL 9/1/1988
76 Cormier, Michel NHL 9/1/2003
88 Cvik, Mike NHL 9/1/1987
83 D'Amico, Angelo NHL 9/1/2000
60 Dapuzzo, Pat NHL 9/1/1985
54 Devorski, Greg NHL 9/1/1993
68 Driscoll, Scott NHL 9/1/1992
82 Galloway, Ryan NHL 9/1/2002
66 Gibbs, Darren NHL 9/1/1997
91 Henderson, Don NHL 9/1/1994
71 Kovachik, Brad NHL 9/1/1996
86 Lazarowich, Brad NHL 9/1/1986
78 Mach, Brian NHL 9/1/2000
90 McElman, Andy NHL 9/1/1993
89 Miller, Steve NHL 9/1/2000
97 Morin, Jean NHL 9/1/1991
93 Murphy, Brian NHL 9/1/1988
95 Murray, Jonny NHL 9/1/2000
70 Nansen, Derek NHL 9/1/2002
80 Nelson, Thor NHL 9/1/1994
77 Nowak, Tim NHL 9/1/1993
79 Pare, Mark NHL 9/1/1979
65 Racicot, Pierre NHL 9/1/1993
73 Rody, Vaughan NHL 9/1/2000
47 Schachte, Dan NHL 9/1/1982
61 Seitz, Lyle NHL 9/1/1992
84 Sericolo, Tony NHL 9/1/1998
57 Sharrers, Jay NHL 9/1/1990
92 Shewchyk, Mark NHL 9/1/2003
56 Wheler, Mark NHL 9/1/1992


Sweater # Name League NHLOA Member Since
9 Angus, Blaine NHL 9/1/1991
15 Auger, Stephane NHL 9/1/1994
10 Devorski, Paul NHL 9/1/1987
44 Dumas, Harry AHL / NHL 9/1/1997
39 Dwyer, Gord AHL / NHL 9/1/2003
2 Fraser, Kerry NHL 9/1/1973
27 Furlatt, Eric NHL 9/1/1998
30 Hasenfratz, Mike NHL 9/1/2000
17 Heyer, Shane NHL 9/1/1988
46 Hoberg, Scott AHL / NHL 9/1/2001
8 Jackson, Dave NHL 9/1/1989
25 Joannette, Marc NHL 9/1/1993
18 Kimmerly, Greg NHL 9/1/1993
12 Koharski, Don NHL 9/1/1977
32 Kowal, Tom NHL 9/1/1998
40 Kozari, Steve AHL / NHL 9/1/2003
37 Langdon, Bob AHL / NHL 9/1/2000
14 LaRue, Dennis NHL 9/1/1989
28 Lee, Chris NHL 9/1/1996
3 Leggo, Mike NHL 9/1/1996
6 Marouelli, Dan NHL 9/1/1982
26 Martell, Rob NHL 9/1/1992
41 McCauley, Wes NHL 9/1/2001
7 McCreary, Bill NHL 9/1/1982
19 McGeough, Michael NHL 9/1/1986
34 Meier, Brad NHL 9/1/1994
36 Morton, Dean AHL / NHL 9/1/1999
13 O'Halloran, Dan NHL 9/1/1992
42 O'Rourke, Dan NHL 9/1/1999
20 Peel, Tim NHL 9/1/1995
43 Pochmara, Brian AHL / NHL 9/1/2002
33 Pollock, Kevin NHL 9/1/1997
5 Rooney, Chris NHL 9/1/1996
16 Shick, Rob NHL 9/1/1984
49 Smith, Jeff AHL / NHL 9/1/2002
31 Spada, Craig NHL 9/1/2001
38 StLaurent, Francois AHL / NHL 9/1/2003
45 StPierre, Justin AHL / NHL 9/1/2003
11 Sutherland, Kelly NHL 9/1/1999
21 VanMassenhoven, Don NHL 7/15/1992
29 Walsh, Ian NHL 9/1/1996
35 Warren, Dean NHL 9/1/1992
23 Watson, Brad NHL 9/1/1993
The NHLOA (National Hockey League Officials' Association), was born in 1969 out of a need to improve working conditions, salaries and other benefits for officials of the National Hockey League. All members are all active Officials under contract to the NHL who are working in the NHL and designated minor leagues.

Bill Friday was the first NHLOA President and played an important part in the birth of the Association. With the arrival of a competitor in professional hockey in 1972, the Officials finally gained some leverage in negotiating with the NHL It also triggered the negotiation of the first Collective Bargaining Agreement that was going to take place before the start of the 1973-74 season.

Over the next few years, Matt Pavelich, Wally Harris, Bryan Lewis and the late John McCauley took turns as presidents for various terms over the NHLOA until 1980-81 season.

With the death of the WHA, 4 teams joined the ranks of the NHL and some WHA Officials would do the same.

Dave Newell took over in 1981 for the longest single reign that would last until 1988.

The playoffs of 1988 were quite eventful from an Association standpoint. After a game between the New Jersey Devils and the Boston Bruins, a verbal altercation took place between the referee and the New Jersey coach, which resulted in his suspension for one game. Not happy with the league's decision, the New Jersey Devils turned to the judiciary system to obtain an injunction that would allow their coach to take part in the next game. Their demand was granted.

Dissatisfied that the suspension was not upheld, the Officials threatened to strike until the matter was resolved to their satisfaction. Since an agreement could not be reached, the Officials did not work the game and the game was played with minor Officials dressed as referee and linesmen. Threats of firing and fines did not deter the resolve of the NHLOA Members from getting justice in this case.

From the late 1980's going in to the 90's, a boom in the sports economics caused the athlete's salaries in Professional Sports to rise at a rate never seen before. In the meantime, some of the other areas were left quite far behind. That was the case with the NHL Officials.

In the fall 1989, Terry Gregson became the seventh President of the NHLOA and in the summer of 1992, the NHLOA, at a special summer meeting decided to turn to the player's agent Don Meehan to lead them into the negotiation of their next Collective Bargaining Agreement.

After ongoing negotiations that lasted the whole summer, training camp, exhibition games and the first month of the season and seeing little progress, a special meeting was held in Toronto in November 1993. On the agenda, whether or not a motion for a strike would get the approval of the Membership.

Unanimously, the NHLOA decided that, in order to make things move forward, a strike was in order and after working their next day's game, everybody would go home and wait for a tentative agreement to be reached between the NHL and the NHLOA.

The NHL decided to go on with their schedule using replacement officials.

This venture was far from successful mainly because the best Officials in the other spheres of hockey decided to support the NHL Officials and refused to act as replacement Officials while the strike was taking place. So, Officials from the CAHA, USA Hockey, Major Junior Hockey, College Hockey and numerous minor professional hockey leagues joined their brothers from the NHL in their battle for a better CBA for them and their families.

Needless to say, their support was instrumental in the success of these negotiations.

It was also the consensus amongst the media, players and fans that something needed to be rectified and this overwhelming support resulted in the ratification, after a 17-day strike, of a new and improved Collective Bargaining Agreement for the NHL Officials.

Important enhancements were achieved in the severance, pension, retirement and playoff compensation sectors.

In 1994, Kevin Collins became the first linesman to preside over the destiny of the NHLOA for the 1994-95 season and was succeeded the next year by Andy Van Hellemond for the 1995-96 season. In 1996, Terry Gregson returned as President until a new format was implemented in 2000: the election of an Executive Board.

In 1999, with the introduction of the 2-referees system, this number would jump to 76 creating new jobs for a number of Officials. The experience of veterans already in place would never be so much appreciated and necessary to help make this transition as smooth as it could possibly be done. It also gave these young Officials the opportunity to learn much faster what this job was all about at the NHL level.

The year 2001 will certainly not be remembered for the NHLOA-NHL negotiations. The events of September 11 put a dark cloud over the beginning of the activities in the NHL.

Prior to the beginning of Training Camp 2001, the Membership was invited to a meeting where they were asked to ratify the agreement in principle that had been reached between the NHLOA and the NHL.

Once again the Members showed a united front and accepted unanimously the tentative agreement and were ready to start the 2001-02 season.

Harry Radomski was once again reconfirmed in his position as Legal Counsel for the Association and a new Executive Board was elected.

The 9/11 events would prove to have an important impact on the Membership with the delays in awarding Working Visas to the Canadian part of the Membership, the US residents ended up working more than 80% of the pre-season games. No doubt their physical fitness was seriously put to test and passed with overwhelming success.

Another consequence was most obvious in the traveling habits of the Officials. The added security at the airports made flying a lengthy and strenuous process that made the whole experience a less than enjoyable experience. These necessary security measures certainly made everybody safer and after a period of adjustments from the authorities rendered this part of the job a little less arduous.

With all that happened still fresh in mind, the Member's professionalism was rarely more evident in this off-ice facet of an Official's job. After all, it was a very little price to pay compare to those who had lost cherished ones in this tragedy.

Over the years, numerous Officials worked with the various Presidents to make the Association run smoothly, there is too many to list here but their contribution is not forgotten.

The NHLOA has now reached a point in its development where it wants to reach out to those who have a special interest in the officiating at the NHL level. The creation of this web site makes the NHLOA Members more accessible to the public and wish to present a side of them that is rarely available to hockey fans, whether they be Officials themselves or simply curious about this aspect of hockey.

The incorporation in this web site of Officials from all around the world is another way to bring together the very large community of Hockey Officials and give them a rallying point where they can share, comment, ask questions and get informed on a variety of subject related to the Official's job.